Prepare Ye the way of the Lord

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Prepare Ye the way of the Lord

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People of God

People waiting for the glorious return of the Lord Jesus.

People who will be raptured to heaven.

People who will attend the Wedding of the Lamb.

People who will return with Jesus to rule this world for a thousand years.

People who exult in the opportunity to fix whatever is wrong here, if only to show how it should have been if the Lord had been accepted when he first came.


From time to time we get back into ourselves, looking for something that seems to be lost in there.

Existential crisis?

Not so much.

I think only a reflection on the whole.

Is all this daily rush be justified? Does this daily fight make sense?


Look, I advise you not to give up, leaving the day-to-day, because of those reflections.

Many are fleeing from fighting, diving into things that are not good.

The best undoubtedly is to face the world.

And the Lord is with you.

And you will win, no doubt.

Believe it and go ahead.

It’s what I do.



Behold, John the Baptist appears preaching:

“Prepare ye the way of the Lord

Prepare the arrival of his Kingdom

The crooked places must be straightened,

The rough roads must be flattened”.

And he was not talking on earthworks.

He was talking on justice:

“Whoever has two coats should give one to those who have none.

Carry the burdens of each other.

Forgive the sins of each other.

And prepare ye the way of the Lord. ”

There is a beautiful song, with an interpretation that impresses me, by the way it is sung, and the privileged voice of the singer.

(You may hear it from the Youtube address, at the end of this message).


“Prepare the way of the Lord.”

“Repent because the Kingdom is near.”

What idea is that?

The Lord Jesus ruling the earth?

The evil arrested?

The administration we longed for happening?

The good use of natural resources?

Nature being recovered?

Good men in the positions of power?

Evil men jettisoned away?

Righteousness being restored?

The end of poverty?




Yes, to all these questions and many more that you can do.

Yes, for all the dreams of a better world.

Yes, for the servants of the Lord who suffered so much for so long time to see that day.

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

The Lord is talking about it today.

The preaching of John the Baptist is updated for today.

That’s what I’m saying.


The Lord came two thousand years ago, in sequence to the message preached by John the Baptist.

But the authorities did not receive Him.

People did not prepare his ways. There was no justice among men.

They killed the boy that was born in Bethlehem

But He conquered death.


His kingdom was not of this world.

Then he deployed the Kingdom in the hearts of people who believed.

And, with them, a new world sprung up.



He, with much wisdom and competence, initiated a reaction force against the evil world.

The reaction started from the inside of individuals, then illuminated the faces, the eyes, the speeches, the behavior.

In homes, in neighborhood, in cities, in nations, and in the world.

The world today is influenced by the Man of Nazareth and His values.


The church did what it could do, supported and sustained by the Lord.

The church succeeded (and failed) after Jesus, in the same way the jew people did, before Jesus.


In completing its mission, the lights fade in the church, as an organization, to make way for the Lord’s Kingdom in this world.

Then, we will have, in fact, one Lord, one faith, one baptism – one church.

The tabernacle of God with men, even in this world.

We sigh for this moment.


For that moment we have prayed for two thousand years:

“Thy Kingdom come,

Thy will shall be done,

On earth as in heaven”.

And He will fulfill the promise.


And I’m dreaming.

And while dreaming, I wonder how things will be.

And I wonder how some things will no longer be.

And while I wait, confident, I gain strength to return to the routine, supporting those who oppose with love and wisdom.

Loving those who were tricked by the devil.

The ones I have the duty to love and witness of the love of my Lord for them.


All this will pass and we will celebrate together with the Lord the end of evil.

The beginning of a new world where wisdom reigns, where love is the way of living.

Where the Lord Jesus Christ is the King.

And we shall reign with Him!



Prepare ye the way of the Lord!

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